Products Safety

Cherry Cosmo Pvt. Ltd. 100% veg products


Fundamental to our mission of providing superior beauty and personal care products is a firm commitment to our employees, consumers, salon professionals and retail partners only to market products whose safety has been proven.

We believe that we have an ethical responsibility to these groups and to the environment, and our sustainable development policies and rigorous product safety testing practices ensure that consumers can purchase and use our products with complete confidence.

For many years CCPL has applied very strict rules with regards to the safety of ingredients used in cosmetic products as well as to the use of finished products themselves.

Our commitment to ensuring that all our beauty products are safe is a principle that guides us day-in and day-out.

What Types of Ingredient

CCPL uses several thousand ingredients in the manufacture of cosmetic and personal care products that we sell. Some of the ingredients we use are natural substances and some are synthetic or man-made.

Government regulations and labeling laws around the world require cosmetic and personal care manufacturers to list on the product label all of the ingredients used in the manufacture of a product. Consumers can know what’s in the products that they are purchasing merely by checking the ingredient label.

CCPL carefully considers several factors in the choice and selection of an ingredient for a product formulation, including its function, use and concentration, degree of purity and stability, potential for the ingredients to be absorbed into the skin or how a particular ingredient might interact with other ingredients. Trained scientists consider all these factors when selecting an ingredient or its alternative in the development of product formulas. Whether natural or synthetic, all our ingredients are equally safe when approved by our scientists for the use in our products.

Research & Development

Everything at CCPL begins with science and knowledge. All of our products are based-on intensive scientific research. The development of new products involves scientists from a variety of disciplines, such as chemistry and biochemistry, biology, microbiology, toxicology, packaging engineering, dermatology and quality assurance.

Safety Evaluation

CCPL takes safety very seriously and, well before it was required by law, we had put in place a safety evaluation team to ensure the safety of our products for both professionals and consumers.

This safety assurance procedure includes an assessment based on the latest medical and scientific research, rigorous safety evaluations of ingredients as well as finished products, examination of the effects of cumulative product use and ongoing safety monitoring once a product is on the market.

Product safety studies are designed and monitored and their results interpreted and evaluated by scientists who are specially trained and experienced in safety evaluations.

Cosmetics and personal care products continue to be one of the safest categories of products on the market today.