Our Mission

Cherry Cosmo Pvt. Ltd. Mision

Cherry Cosmo Pvt. Ltd.(CCPL) has set itself the mission of offering everybody worldwide the best of cosmetics innovation in terms of quality and safety. By meeting the infinite diversity of beauty demands and desires all over the world.

Providing access to products that improves well-being, mobilizing its innovative strength to preserve the beauty of the planet and supporting local communities. These are exicting challenges, which are a source of inspiration and creativity for CCPL.

By drawing on the experience of its teams, and the richness and the complementarity of its brand’s, CCPL has made the universalization of beauty and personal care its project for the years to come.

We have succesfully developed a brand with clear International vision.

Our Ambition

Our ambition for the coming years is to win over consumer ‘s around the globe by creating cosmetic and personal care products that keep up to the infinite diversity of their beauty requirement and desires.

To be a leading cosmetics and personal care brand in the world and to give innovative products with best quality and technology at competitive rates.